The Dark Side...


A late March night in 1996, I came back to my apartment.

I was exhausted from work and rested in bed while listening to my telephone answering machine. Beep, beep, beep "Please call back to lieutenant Pettersen at Romerike police department, nr ... !".

"WHAT is this?"

Was it just another unpaid parking ticket or was this ....

The secret norwegian x-files















There could be extra terrestial activity going on, and of course they would bring it to my attention to use my expertise.

It was to late to call the lieutenant, but I ran out of my apartment in Teisen, Oslo, Norway and discovered a trace. ...

The aliens had abducted a motoring vehicle. It was not any kind of vehicle but it was my Volkswagen Golf GTI, Rabbit, special edition.

As I suspected, extra terrestial lifeforms have good taste and are possibly extremely intelligent.












Next day I called the lieutenant.

They had found a car that resembled my Golf and they needed me to investigate it. The numberplates had mysteriously disappeared so I had to identify the object.

Two cars had been stopped due to suspicion. Ordinary police officers had wondered why number plates was duplicated on two cars passing by. Three lifeforms had been discovered.













I came to the object. I looked carefully around the body and discovered the license plates were not there. There was no doubt the car was in fact my car. It had the marks from crashing into a fence which I cannot deny has ever happened.

Lights were coming from the cassette deck, and a ticking noise, tick....., tick ..... , tick.... It could be my car was low on batteries because they had left the cassette player on, but this was more likely signals from . . . outer space. ! !

Oh there was also my disposable camera, which I later processeed in hope to find alien x-ray tracks on photoresistant paper.













Snapshot 1

I could see that the lifeforms must had fingers resembling a screwdriver, opening the doorlock. Excessive strength must have been the reason for the ignition keylock being broken straight off. Alien species must also like earthly pleasures because I found plenty of beerbottles and cigarette butts on the floor.


















Snapshot 2

I could also see an attempt to unlock the trunk, but their screwdriver fingers would not open that lock. They had tried to enter the trunk through the backseats by ripping out the backseat's filling.


















Snapshot 3

I pulled the two clips holding the backseat and bent it forward to check what had happened in the trunk. You might wonder why the aliens did not open it the same way? Possible the culture of these lifeforms are too distant for them to discover such simple features which Volkswagen makes use of on planet Earth. Anyway, I started questioning these extra terrestial's superior IQ.


















I got my car back, and had to get new numberplates. The x-files were closed because the lack of evidence to identify the car thief.

If anyone of you have also seen these unidentified non-flying objects then please let me know!

--Per Sigurd--















Wrapup   The pictures can be seen in greater detail by clicking on them.

Facts:     This is a true story!

Volkswagen Golf GTI 83 Rabbit, green-metallic, sunroof.

The car  was stolen early Thursday morning 28.02.96 and police took the car with the 3 persons on the snapshots, at about noon the same day. Two cars with same licenseplates. :-)

I did not know anything before getting home, but filed a missing car report the same night. Ref: 16911 Oslo Police Dept.

Other:    Norwegian car-registry bureaucrazy:

After getting the car back I went to get numberplates for my car. They requested a police report for stolen numberplates and told me the police report for the car was not good enough. I attempted telling the people that numberplates were normally on the car. A thief would not steal the car, but leave the plates? But nobody ever gets fired from a government office so the officer could safely go back to finishing her fingernails.

Back to the police reporting stolen numberplates, returning to the car registry, and after lots of hard travelling and totalling 4 hours standing in line, I got my plates  :-) 


Ref 16911/96: Case is dropped due to insufficient evidence connecting a suspect to the crime. (Standard form)


14.06.96 The car gets stolen again, this time for good. I buy an old Mazda 626 which have yet to be stolen.